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As many homeowners quickly discover, mould growth can be tricky. It grows behind walls, above ceilings, and under the floor. In fact, it often “hides”, making it difficult to notice. And although it’s considered a natural fungus, mould can have serious health impacts on humans. Homeowners often complain of skin rashes, itchy eyes, and breathing problems when exposed to mould. And in some circumstances, specific types of mould can actually be toxic (some types of black mould).

Any type of indoor water leakage will allow mould to grow, especially when the cleanup process is not immediate and thorough. Even high levels of indoor humidity or condensation can promote mould growth. And when that infiltration is not readily visible, it’s hard to detect, particularly for a homeowner with little experience. Our environmental testing and consulting service provides in-depth assessment of mould, with precise detection tools and highly experienced inspectors.

Unlike companies who might offer basic, visual inspections, we use advanced, high tech tools, and comprehensive lab sampling to provide the highest standard of assessment and testing. We make use of laser technology and thermal imaging to detect problem areas, and identify the extent of a mould outgrowth. With mould, there’s no room for shortcuts, since even dead mould can be toxic. The important thing is to pinpoint, assess, and arrest the mould contamination at its very source.

As industry leaders in mould detection, we inspect and test residential and commercial buildings. With a mould infestation, our attention is focused on the health and wellbeing of occupants and residents. And because the inspection team specializes in analysis and testing, customers are not being “upsold” with additional services or products. The emphasis is on fully assessing the mould issue, testing and confirming the material, and recommending workable solution options.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, indoor mould can have very serious side effects on the health, well-being, and comfort of anyone inside the building. This is the time to have trained, qualified professionals on hand – those who have the expertise to investigate, and further verify the source and scope of a mould infiltration. We belong to the Indoor Air Quality Association, and follow industry-established standards in the field of mould detection and assessment.

Having serviced the GTA for many years, our highly trained team provides summarized findings that are detailed and accurate, along with viable recommendations for appropriate solutions.

Did you know?

Using biocides or bleach to kill mould does not have any advantages. Dead mould is just as toxic as mould that is alive. Cleaning or removing mould without protecting the rest of the building or unaffected areas can in some cases spread the mould contamination. In some cases the mould becomes harder and more expensive to clean up. Some mould inspection companies lack the equipment or experience to properly assess you mould issue. They are cheaper...but are they worth it?

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