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Have you noticed cracks in your home or even a mosquito threat? Perhaps it's the standing water in your property.

Standing water typically doesn't flow and can arise following excess rains, severe storms, or other natural events but can also originate from human induced practices for instance deserted swimming pool.

Stagnant water can pose health risks besides affecting the structural integrity of your home. It can further bring numerous potential issues besides disease and harmful bacteria. For instance, mold is also likely to grow.

If you're having issues with stagnant water, check this out.

Hazards of Standing Water

  1. Foundation Damage

Stagnant water can cause various problems, none more costly or damaging than the problems it can cause your home's foundation. However, this is also dependent on the kind of water that's stagnating around the foundation.

Rainwater that's accumulating and pooling up around a home's foundation can enter concrete. Concrete foundations are usually porous, and water fills whatever pores it finds.

Over time, the water could seep into the foundation, ultimately breaking down the concrete. The break down could produce a crack in the foundation, causing a shift and instability. Furthermore, water can freeze, causing concrete expansion and cracks during winter.

2. Illness and Mosquitoes

Stagnant water is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Even a small pool of water if left undisturbed for a couple of days could increase the number of mosquitoes in your home.

Besides being a nuisance, the bothersome insects carry the harmful West Nile virus. Therefore, when the population of mosquitoes increases on your property, your friends, family, and pets are increasingly vulnerable to the dangerous disease. 

Stagnant water in garages and basements also attracts rats and other rodents. The key to preventing these issues is eliminating water as soon as you identify it.

The longer you wait to do so, the higher the likelihood, you'll run into other associated problems.

3. Mold

You might frequently notice water accumulating or pools of water around your property. This can generate mold problems, which could start taking root within 24-48 hours.

The fungus can be a very serious medical issue, especially for persons with asthma or allergies. Stagnant water is also a breeding ground for various microorganisms for instance bacteria and viruses.

The microorganisms can further cause illness, elicit allergic reactions and continue causing property damage. Mold growth may persist until you take measures to eradicate the origin of moisture.

a. Mold Prevention

You can't possibly eradicate all the molds and spores in the indoor setting. However, numerous ways exist for controlling mold growth and moisture in your property including:

Stop the Water

b. Tips on Mold Cleanup

Locations for Standing Water

1. Gutters

Gutters help move debris and water away from your home and roof. They further protect your house from damage by ensuring water doesn't settle, causing decay and mold.

However, a clogged or broken gutter can lead to backed up, standing water that could attract unwanted insects. The water could reach your walls, causing damage.

2. Roof

Standing water on the roof could cause sagging, which could ultimately require roof replacement or repairs.
The collapse of the roof could also occur if the stagnant water surpasses the intended weight threshold of your roof.

3. Drains

Blocked drains can cause property damage. Small objects, grease, random debris, and other items can accumulate gradually in the pipes, obstructing water flow.

If you don't treat and clean blocked drains immediately, the stagnant water could generate various complications that will affect your property.

Standing water that has accumulated for a lengthy period will produce a musty odor, which can permeate your home with an unhealthy and unpleasant atmosphere.

If you think standing water is not a big deal, you're wrong. Numerous potential hazards can arise from stagnant water ranging from mold problems to bacteria and diseases. To avoid these issues, consider calling a damage specialist to eliminate the water.

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Did you know?

Using biocides or bleach to kill mould does not have any advantages. Dead mould is just as toxic as mould that is alive. Cleaning or removing mould without protecting the rest of the building or unaffected areas can in some cases spread the mould contamination. In some cases the mould becomes harder and more expensive to clean up. Some mould inspection companies lack the equipment or experience to properly assess you mould issue. They are cheaper...but are they worth it?

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